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Since 1888, National Geographic has supported exploration and discovery, bringing gems like Machu Picchu, undersea wonders, and new species to light. Inspiring people to care about the planet and every living creature on it is our mission. We promote and fund natural and cultural conservation projects.

Here are some of the best “Photo of the day” photography on National Geographic…. Enjoy!

Litlanesfoss, Iceland


Cavern explorer Tennessee


Badwater basin california


Matterhorn, Switzerland


Whitetip shark Bahamas


Boatman Philippines


Northern Lights, Iceland


Centoes chichen Itza


Freestone Climb, Yosemite Falls


Kayaker, Outlet Falls


The Lair


Iguazu falls Brazil


Exposure Nirvana


Hang Son Doong Photo


Submerged plane Bahamas


Sunset, Indonesia


Terraced earth


Grizzly bear cubs


Serra da leba Angola


Warren Cave, Antarctica


Skiier Fire, Whistler


Great White Shark


Volcano, Tanzania


Mineral pools Peru


Caravanner camels stirton


Nyiragongo lava floor


King penguins south georgia island


Dinka Cattle Camp, Sudan


Women, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland


Fishing, Celebes Sea


The Bamboo Forest


Buddha in Coal Yard, China


Dhaka, Bangladesh


K2 Moonlight Hinrich


Port Orford, Oregon




Diving Tiger, California


Bee-Eater in Flight


Lizard, Zion National Park


Eiffel Tower, Paris


Bride and Groom, Malaysia


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Cave, Brazil


Cuba Coast


Grand Canyon National Park


Hiker, Scottish Highlands


Upper Yosemite Falls, California


Kayaking Fjord – Greenland


Petra, Jordan


Sunset, Mount Everest


Village, Faroe Islands


Circle of Sparks

Divers, Easter Island

Octavio Aburto, National Geographic

Octavio Aburto, National Geographic
Source : National Geographic

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  1. Are you sure the ‘hiker in scottish highlands’ really is in the scottish highlands..? I am not sure that the forests there are that old, or that green.. looks more like Poland or somewhere…

  2. The pictures are Amazing! but, for the record, the Iguazù Falls are one of the limits between Argentina and Brazil. The top of La Garganta del Diablo (the fall the picture is showing: The Devil’s Throat) belongs to the Argentine side. It’s a wonder both countries pride on, and doesn’t belong to just one territory. The paths you can see on the left side of the picture are from the National Park in the Argentine side. You can’t see the ones from the Brazilian side in the picture because they’re at the bottom of the fall, and they’re usually covered by vapour.

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