Most popular photography on StumbleUpon!

2011 is over, In this article, I am showcasing the most beautiful photographs that were stumbled on StumbleUpon.

Let us take a look at this truly jaw-dropping collection and enjoy!

Source: StumbleUpon

*None of the images on this page are mine,they were found on StumbleUpon, meant to inspire.Any problems, just email.

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  1. While all of these pictures are incredible, quite a few of them are obviously photoshopped, which takes away from the overall appeal of the collection. I would recommend having a separate page for the photoshopped pictures.

  2. Some of these I believe just number 7 and 19 have been edited digitally and are very clearly not just photography. I am not however referring to any of the long exposure, others camera effects, or lens modifications. I will grant you that number 19 with the little boy and the microphone still would be a nice picture with out the notes. But the notes make it undeniably not a just photography. Also the woman with the umbrella in number 7 looks very much like different parts of other photos were put together to make a very beautiful photo but manipulation none the less.

  3. Hey buddy,

    Great photographs, but don’t you think these photos would do only half good if I can just share and not keep?

    Can I have full resolution downloadable versions of these pics?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    • Essas fotos não são suficientemente grandes para serem usadas em monitores maiores que 15″. Para salvá-las o único jeito é usar um screen capture software.
      Experimentei uma em meu monitor de 18,5″ e não ficou bem definida. Todas elas são em geral 1000×700, boas para monitores de 15″, mas para monitores de 18,5″ ou 20″, o tamanho teria que ser 1300×768.

  4. Great new works……….but the best in the BW homeless man with Dog………….BW still captures the human element

  5. Imi plac anumite fotografii si le voi distribui pe facebook in special la organizatiile Partidului Social Democrat.

  6. Those are absolutely stunning! I love photography and these photos certainly inspire me to continue with my new found love of photography. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I believe that second picture is from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington. Looks as if they caught it on a rare sunny day as 200 days of the year its overcast on average.

  8. There are several comments here implying that certain of the images have less value if Photoshop was used. I think these “purists” are missing the point. These are “artistic images”…they are what the artist saw in his/her mind’s eye when they originally looked through the camera viewfinder. These images were created…yes created…by combining what the camera’s sensor captured and finally with the enhancement via digital editing software. Take a look at some of the great photo artists…Ansel Adams for one. Do you think for a moment that the prints you see of his are the pure, unadulterated image that Ansel snapped in his view camera? Far from it. Adams was a master of darkroom manipulation…dodging, and burning, utilizing his famous zone system. These are modern times…it’s all about image creation that evokes emotion. If you’re looking for images that are nothing more than what appeared in the viewfinder, then good luck…they’re far and few between.

  9. They’re all good. I don’t see where anyone would argue with that, shopped or not, but out of context just all in a row doesn’t do a lot for me. Details, details… where taken, who did them, and the rest would make them mean a lot more.

  10. I really liked all these photographs. I was wondering how they were chosen, were they numerically the most liked on Stumbleupon? In looking through, I noticed that all the pictures of women are of white women. I’d love to see a more diverse representation of beauty.


  11. Although the images are lovely and it’s handy to have them all in one place, you really shouldn’t be posting other people’s professional photography without giving them their due credit. Don’t know who took the picture? Don’t use it, imo.

  12. this is the best photo when i’ve seen…the girl wear a white dress, she tried to catch her apple and everyting in a rule action when she catch it…in other hand her face also contribute those picture more alive..
    a common photo but uncommon angel
    nice photo ^_^

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